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Our guideline for beautiful portfolios

There are numerous great IT-tools that are outstanding in your field and do exactly what the customer wants. There is much more to a product than the core functionality. Customers benefit from the following added value:

Whether installed from the cloud or locally, the product must be easy to install and very easy to administer. Enterprise and cloud solutions must be multi-tenant (MSP readiness).

It is important in almost all areas to understand what happens in the system itself and with the system, how it is used and why. This should be displayed both in detail and graphically – preferably automatically and in a management-oriented manner. 

In most cases, the benefits of the systems can grow exponentially if they can be connected to the other systems and these systems can exchange data and commands. For this purpose, external APIs or other mechanisms are used to realize the connectors.

A system itself must be protected from external attacks.In addition, connections to the other components such as servers, databases, agents, and consoles should be encrypted and secure.  Multi-factor authentication is often desired by customers. 

This task is often neglected, but modern methods such as AI can dramatically increase the use of the system and reduce effort.  

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