In today’s modern work environment, the use of USB devices to transfer data between the office and home office has become increasingly common. However, the risk of data loss is a significant concern. To address this issue, it is crucial to effectively encrypt all data stored on USB devices.

Watch our webinar (in English) where Daniel Döring, Managing Director of EgoMind GmbH, and Bala Sivapalan, Field Application Engineer at Kingston Technology, discussed the importance of encryption and its role in protecting your valuable data. By watching our webinar recording you will gain valuable insights into:

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 – The importance of data security for USB devices in the modern work environment.
– Best practices for encrypted data on USB devices to avoid data loss.
– The importance of SySS penetration tests.
– Kingston Technology’s commitment to maintaining the highest security standards through SySS GmbH penetration testing of their IronKey ‘s VP50/VP50C.

German webinar recording: <click here>
English webinar recording: <click here>

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