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EgoMind's Secure-4C principle allows you to centrally manage, connect, secure, analyze and optimize your numerous tools. It doesn't matter whether your tools are installed locally or operated from the cloud. EgoMind allows you significantly less effort and much more benefit.

Secure-4C is your task force for further added value of your numerous tools. Contact us if EgoMind can support you with one of the following topics of the Secure-4C principle.

Secure-4C in detail:

Simple tools offer targeted functions for the respective areas of application, but often not further means to facilitate administration – such as the connection to different directory service structures such as Active Directory. Larger software suites, on the other hand, offer a variety of features, but this makes management more complicated because you don’t want to use all of these features. EgoMind offers you the opportunity to use your tools and solutions in a more targeted manner and thus reduce administrative effort.

Your applications do not have to remain isolated solutions. Thanks to the possibility that EgoMind combines existing interfaces and other technologies, you get a holistic and central solution for better management of all necessary features and functions. This allows you to create further added value and connect new innovations.

The collaboration of different products allows your teams to better interact with each other. The rigid division of administrative tasks such as client management, network administration and security is no longer up-to-date, as many tasks today have to be designed across departments. EgoMind offers you the opportunity for your solutions and employees to work even better and more closely with each other.

You can test your products even better for cost savings if you know which products are used and how. Reports and analyses help in the best way to carry out optimizations. Likewise, by merging important functions of different tools, the administrative effort can be reduced and operating costs can be reduced.

The “Secure” is at the forefront of our work. EgoMind generally pays attention to a high level of security of features and functions in all areas of the 4 C’s.

Do you have a new idea but no resources to realize it? Talk to us – EgoMind is happy to help.