EgoMind shows first version of EgoMind tools including Windows security measures at IT-SA.

Microsoft Windows collects a lot of data – this is no longer a secret. For this reason, the BSI regularly issues updated recommendations on the settings that need to be made in order to protect oneself from this unnecessary collection frenzy.

But recommendations alone are not enough, because they must also be implemented accordingly in practice. And this is often where the problem lies, because companies or even public authorities lack the necessary resources in their IT departments. Just in time for the IT-SA EXPO&CONGRESS, which will take place in Nuremberg from October 25 – 27, 2022, the Karlsruhe-based software company EgoMind is now presenting a solution that automates the process surrounding the implementation of settings.

EgoMind Tools

“With our new solution, we want to help IT departments implement the BSI’s recommendations quickly, efficiently and without much effort,” says Daniel Döring, Managing Director of EgoMind.

The new solution is available in two versions. The first version is completely free of charge and can be installed on any computer. After installation, all recommended settings are implemented immediately, without the need for any action on the part of the user. Of course, adjustments can also be made, and for this purpose there is an agent that is easy and intuitive to use.

egomind tools“The paid company version offers even more scope,” adds Sergej Schlotthauer, also managing director of EgoMind. “Here, many more features are implemented, such as the central management of settings or a reporting function that can be very helpful during audits. There is also the option to run the software on workstations in “silent mode,” without a visible agent, which is a requirement of many corporate customers.”

With its solution, EgoMind is addressing every possible user. However, the company’s customers are primarily manufacturers, system houses or MSP providers. That’s why the software can also be operated as OEM or white-labeld software in its own name. Operation from the cloud is also possible.

Both versions can be viewed at IT-SA in Hall 7 at Stand 7-310. The free version will be released shortly after IT-SA in November. The managed version will then appear a little later.

Daniel Döring - EgoMind GmbH

Daniel Döring

Managing Director - EgoMind GmbH
PhotoRoom 20220121 182413

Sergej Schlotthauer

Managing Director - EgoMind GmbH

About EgoMind
EgoMind GmbH is a software expert from Karlsruhe (Germany) that specialises in “software development as a service”. The company supports its customers in the design, architecture, development and QA of software and SaaS products, as well as in product marketing.
The agile team consists of experts who have been working together for over 15 years and have brought numerous products to market maturity. EgoMind’s customers have the advantage that the “time to market” of their product idea can be significantly shortened and thus sales can be achieved more quickly.
The special competences of the EgoMind team are intuitive management interfaces, analysing data, software security, connectivity between components and other IT solutions, as well as process optimisation.

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