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As a managed service provider, you want to offer your customers a complete range of products from your core competence. Unfortunately, there are very good products in various areas, which are unbeatable in terms of functionality, but do not meet the requirements of managed service providers.
Secure-4C is your task force for a successful future of your managed service portfolio. Contact us if EgoMind can support you with one of the following topics of the Secure-4C principle.

Secure-4C in detail:

Whether from the cloud or on-premise, all solutions in your portfolio must be easy to manage, audit-proof and, above all, multi-client capable. A successful service consists not only of a large number of functions, but also of the ability to quickly make adjustments, carry out analyses and identify optimization potential – and this is best done across products.

A holistic approach reduces administrative effort, response times and costs. Therefore, it is important that all products of your solution portfolio can be connected to each other. On-premise and cloud-based solutions usually offer a variety of interfaces via APIs and other methods. These numerous connectors can be transferred to a central and multi-tenant management interface.

Transparency and role management are extremely important for a managed service. In order for you to be able to work better with your customers, there is therefore a need for a simple way that administrative tasks are divided among each other and analyses from all data can be carried out at any time at the push of a button or automatically.

The more can be automated in a managed service, the more the solution offering scales. This requires that several applications are connected to each other, functions are coordinated with each other and reports are created in a management-oriented manner. The operation of the services must also be considered. The fewer resources are required, the more cost-effective the portfolio.

The “Secure” is at the forefront of our work. EgoMind generally pays attention to a high level of security of features and functions in all areas of the 4 C’s.

EgoMind helps to become better in all the areas described above. Your core competencies remain your focus. EgoMind increases the success of your managed services with extensions and optimizations. You strengthen your portfolio with your knowledge and we with our experience. Do you have a new idea but no resources to realize it? Talk to us – we are happy to help.